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Selling 5 instrumentals for $2. Stimulate that economy.

I will be on tour with Toy Selectah next week for 4 days. We will be hitting up L.A., S.F., Chicago, and Austin. RSVP to the shows here

Tuesday October 30th - Los Angeles w/ Them Jeans
Wednesday October 31st - San Francisco w/ Them Jeans
Thursday November 1st - Chicago w/ BAIO
Friday Novemer 2nd - Austin w/ BAIO


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The drought... it's killing the fields of vision. Make it rain, please. 320 in free download form please.
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what track?

new remix

Working on new masks today. Here’s one of them.

It’s been a minute since I been on here. So, hello to all my new friends and old friends alike. I have a few things going on….pretty excited to be playing this Saturday with Toy Selectah…we are doing a Gun Selectah set in downtown San Antonio. I have a show also coming up 4/21 in Reno if you out in that area. Loving all the questions and feedback on twitter, facebook, and here on tumblr so stay up with me. I leave you with a present! Recently I was thinking about the theme from The Legend of Zelda and thought, damn that kinda sounds a little like cumbia….so I worked up a quick edit of the classic Nintendo anthem. You can download the MP3 here or you can stream the track below. PEACE! MWG

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What's your name? Te gusta la frontera? Will you play at my festival? Mayo en el barrio. Ven conmigo.
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tell me more!

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You would do super well in the Tampa and Miami area. You could do a show in Ybor City. People at Ybor love electronic music of all kinds and your shit is fucking incredible. Also tons of people just wander into shows out of curiosity. You have a likely opportunity to make some money and to show off your kick ass music! Try the any one of the venues on 7th street. Hope to see you soon. Sell mercy and you'll get more. Yours Truly, Sgt. Sunshine, T. Rex, Pixie Cluster-Fuck, Samedi
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let’s make that happen!